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Strictly Business

Oct 16, 2019

With the new NBA season scheduled to tip off Oct. 22, basketball fans have no shortage of options for how they take in the action on the court. But there's an expanding range of viewing experiences beyond linear TV that are evolving in fascinating ways under the oversight of Jeff Marsilio, senior VP of new media for the...

Oct 9, 2019

Abigail Disney and Adrienne Becker joined forces to launch content studio Level Forward in early 2018. The pair have vowed to run Level Forward as a socially conscious, artist friendly banner that strives to open doors for women and people of color through storytelling. The partners discuss the philosophy that...

Oct 2, 2019

Jon Favreau has enjoyed a varied career as an actor, producer and writer of some of the most memorable films from the past few decades. But it's his work as a director that showcases his innovative side, particularly his usage of cutting-edge visual effects in films like 'The Lion King' and the upcoming Disney+ series...

Sep 25, 2019


David Field has presided over a period of dramatic growth at Entercom, from its acquisition of CBS Radio to a pair of podcast companies. But he's looking to supercharge the newfound scale of his audience with synergies capable of turning his business into an audio juggernaut.

Sep 18, 2019

Politics may be all anyone's talking about these days but traffic isn't driven by coverage of the president, according to Andrew Morse, the network's top digital exec. A broader mix of content keeps the news site humming, and new parent company AT&T is ready to power CNN to the next level.