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Strictly Business

Mar 26, 2019

Under new leadership, Univision is taking big strides toward bringing a new look and feel to its primetime schedule for the growing U.S. Hispanic audience. CMO Jessica Rodriguez details the many ways the company is doing things differently.

Mar 19, 2019

National Geographic Partners chairman Gary Knell outlines his vision of the growth opportunities ahead for the gold-plated brand as it and other 21st Century Fox assets transition to Disney’s control. Knell also gives a final salute to Fox, calling the parting “bittersweet” and praising the Murdochs for being good...

Mar 12, 2019

Steve Mosko, the former head of Sony Pictures Television and newly appointed CEO of Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, talks about his mission to build out the company to produce its own movies and TV shows for the first time. He also speaks candidly about making the shift from studio boss to the leader of a lean and...

Mar 5, 2019

He may be best known for producing the 2018 hit "Crazy Rich Asians," but that film was actually something of an aberration for John Penotti. He's busy building a mini-studio that cranks out local-language films and TV shows in seven countries including Mexico, Indonesia and India, where his upcoming Netflix...